Interior mineral decorative coating, for gently-textured marbleizing effects, available with a matt finish or with either gold or silver sheen.

Visionnaire is an interior mineral decorative coating, for gently textured marbleizing effects. It is made of air lime, selected aggregates, synthetic binders, and rheological modifying agents, which help create an easy to apply material. Visionnaire is available with four finishes: Base Gold, Silver, Matt and Blade. “TheCityVision” concept identifies in Visionnaire the most innovative element, ideal for the decoration of modern and valuable interior surfaces. With different application procedures, Visionnaire can be used on:- Mortars- Pre-mixed, new fine plasters- Pre-existing lime plasters- Dehumidifying air-entraining plasters- Gypsum boards- Pre-existing synthetic and mineral paints- Mineral conglomerates, as long as absorbing.

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Visionnaire | Fine Coat Solid Plastering


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Styles and colours will vary with different screens and devices.

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